Malaysia Super Knight

Malaysia will witness for it's first time an online BJJ event that will be broadcasted on YouTube.

Mark your calendar on 3-Apr-2021 to watch all those super fights for FREE !!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a closed door event, No spectators, No Friends, No Cornerman, No Followers. Only fighters are allowed to enter.


  1. Register to the event over Smoothcomp by keying in all your information (Full Name, Weight, Belt Color, Preferable fighting to fight in, Your Instagram account) but do not proceed with payment.
  2. Our team will contact you to discuss the rule set and potential opponent.
  3. Once we confirm then we will send you our bank account details for payment which it should be made within 24 hours maximum.
  4. Proceed by sending a proof of the payment to info@bjjroots.co
  5. Our team will approve your registration to the event on Smoothcomp manually and we will contact you once this is done.
  1. The only submission below the waist that is legal for white, blue, and purple belts are straight ankle locks (AKA straight footlock).
  2. Kneebars, figure-four toeholds, and compression locks (AKA “slicers”, “crushers”) are legal in brown and black belt divisions only.
  3. Heel hooks are allowed for brown and black belts in No Gi Only. Heel hooks are not allowed in Gi at all time.
  4. Reaping the knee, twisting knee locks, “flying scissor” takedowns, and neck cranks are never legal.
  5. BJJ divisions require a clean, properly fitted Jiu Jitsu or Judo Gi. Mouthpiece is optional, but recommended.
  6. Matches are 10 minutes submission only.
  7. If match is over with no submission then the match will be called as draw.
  8. To decide if the match is in Gi or No Gi will be in agreement between both fighters.
  9. Rules can be changed if both parties requested different set of rules.
  10. All fighters must pay a registration fees of 200RM and 250RM for late registration (except for Black Belts as their registration fees are waved)
  11. Refund will be 100% ONLY if the organizer is unable to execute the event; fighter canceling his/her registration and attendance will NOT entitle him/her for any refund on the registration fees.
  12. Event number of fights are very limited, we advise everyone to hurry booking their slots before we close This event have only 1 age group.
  13. This event have only 1 age group.
  14. There is no spectators, no cornerman, no followers are allowed, only fighter is allowed to enter.


GIs should be tailored using cotton or cotton-like fabric only. The fabric should not be so thick or hard as to impede an opponent from gripping it. For juvenile, adult, master and senior divisions, a GI fashioned from woven fabric is mandatory.

It is permitted to wear kimono with EVA or similar material inside the collar, if the measures of size and rigidity regulations provided in the IBJJF Rules Book are followed.


GIs must be of uniform color.

The following colors are permissible: white, royal blue or black. Gis with tops and pants of different colors are not permitted; nor are GIs with a collar that is a different color than the rest of the top.

Painted GIs are forbidden, unless the paint is designed in the form of an academy or sponsor logo – and only on regions of the GI where patches are permitted.

Even in cases where they are permitted, the athlete will be obliged to change GIs should the paint mark the GI of the opponent.

Patches may only be affixed in authorized regions of the GI, as depicted in the IBJJF Rules Book. They should be of cotton fabric and properly seamed.

All patches unseamed or in unauthorized regions of the GI will be removed by the GI inspectors.


Athletes should use a durable, 4 to 5 cm wide belt colored according to the athlete’s rank, with a black tip – except for black belts, where the tip should be white or red. The belt should be worn over the top, wrap around the waist twice, and be tied using a double knot tight enough to hold the GI top closed. Once tied in a double knot, each end of the belt should hang 20 to 30 cm in length.


The GI top should reach the athlete’s thigh and the sleeves should come to no more than 5 cm from the athlete’s wrist when the arm is extended straight parallel to the ground.

GI pants should reach no more than 5 cm above the tibial malleolus (ankle bone).

The inspection will verify whether the following official measurements are met: GI lapel thickness (1.3 cm), width of GI collar (5 cm), opening of sleeve at full extension (7 cm).


Use of a shirt under the GI top is prohibited, except for women. In the female divisions, it is mandatory for the use of a stretchy or elastic shirt that hugs the body beneath the GI; It can be short or long sleeved, without the necessity to follow the color requirements. It is also permitted for athlete’s to use a one piece swim garment (bathing suit) or gymnastics top.

Wearing pants of any kind under GI pants is prohibited, except for women, who are permitted to use pants made of elastic fabric (clings to body) under the GI pants, as long as these pants are shorter than the GI pants.

Athletes must use undergarments. The use of thong-type undergarments is not permitted; only briefs-type undergarments.

GIs may not exhibit mending or tears, be wet or dirty or emanate unpleasant odors.



Both genders must wear a shirt of elastic material (skin tight) long enough to cover the torso all the way to the waistband of the shorts, colored black, white, or black and white, and with at least 10% of the rank color(belt) to which the athlete belongs. Shirts 100% the color of the athlete’s rank (belt) are also permitted.

Note: For black belts a small red area will be tolerated, but must not decharacterize the athlete’s rank color.


Board shorts colored black, white, black and white, and/or the color of the rank (belt) to which the athlete belongs, without pockets or with the pockets stitched completely shut, without buttons, exposed drawstrings, zippers or any form of plastic or metal that could present a risk to the opponent, long enough to cover at least halfway down the thigh, and no longer than the knee.

Also permitted are compression shorts made of elastic material (skin tight) worn beneath the shorts, in the colors black, white, black and white, and/or the color of the rank (belt) to which the athlete belongs.


Shorts, compression pants (skin-tight spats) and/or compression shorts colored black, white, black and white, and/or the color of the rank (belt) to which the athlete belongs. The shorts must not have pockets or have the pockets stitched completely shut, must not have buttons, zippers or any kind of plastic or metal that could present a risk to the opponent, and must be long enough to cover halfway down the thigh and no longer than the knee.



First BJJ Live event ever in Malaysia.

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